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Moscow, 123100,
2-nd Zvenigorodskaya str.
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ZMM Yakoruda

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ZMMYAKORUDA, PLC is a classical company profiled in mechanical engineering and a traditional producer of woodworking machineries in the Republic of Bulgaria. During its 47-year history the factory has made 60 000 different machine types. Its machines are popular among large scope of customers operating in the field of woodworking, manufacturers of furniture, doors and windows, wooden constructions, casings, souvenirs, etc. and for maintenance and repair of housing and public sites. Due to their extreme compactness and ability to perform all types of wood operations /planing, cutting, milling, drilling, sanding, sharpening of instruments/, low prices and easy maintenance and repair they find their place in small family workshops.

Sierras de cinta manuales

BS 260 DG

Miter cutting manual band saw


Máquinas combinadas de 5 operaciones

Máquinas combinadas sierra circular

Máquinas combinadas regruesadoras cepilladoras


Taladradoras para madera



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